Thursday, February 03, 2005


Snow crystals fall in a stunning array of shapes and sizes whether admired for a fleeting moment or captured in time, each is a masterpiece of nature. (This quote is taken from Winter Science magazine, January/February 2005 edition).

What is more fleeting than the lifespan of a snowflake that melts the moment it hits a warm mitten? And yet, in the mind of God, even the futile objects of his creation receive the utmost of attention and detail. And even things that live only a moment can bring him glory – and in fact, were designed with that very purpose in mind. is an amazing website where photographer, Kenneth Libbrecht, has invented a high-powered digital camera that enables him to photograph magnified pictures of real snowflakes. I first viewed the photos with absolute skepticism – they were far too intricate and beautiful to be real.

But as it slowly hit me that they were indeed real, my heart was overcome with thoughts of a powerful and wonderful Creator. Perhaps this is what Romans speaks of when it says that we are without excuse because nature itself displays the glory of God.

My wonder was rooted in the thought that if God gives such care and such beauty to something as fleeting as a snowflake, how much more intentional and beautiful is his design for us. Snowflakes are futile. Unless someone looks very closely, their design goes unnoticed and from afar, what looks like an insignificant blob is, upon a closer look, extraordinarily beautiful.

I believe much of God can be learned from the snowflake. The Lord has hidden breath-taking beauty in tiny, insignificant, frail parts of his creation. Even if no one ever thought to look at or photograph a snowflake – God is aware of every one as each one parades past his throne like a never-ending train of glory – each flake sounding its own unique note within a blinding blizzard of worship.

Certainly a Creator who takes this much pleasure in fleeting scraps of melting ice has wonderful plans for us! And if science and nature and the power of God are at work in order to produce one, minute snowflake, then certainly his hand was steady as he knit us all together perfectly, according to his plan, in our mother’s wombs. Take heart from the snowflake – God’s design for your life was intentional, and upon a closer look, extraordinarily beautiful.

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