Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Miracle Drug

There is a song called "Miracle Drug" on the newest U2 album. The lyrics intrigued me so I went online to see if I could find any information about what the song is about. I found this quote on a U2 fan site. Apparantly, U2 sang this song at a recent concert in New York and Bono (lead singer) said the following quote by way of an introduction before they sang the song.

We come from the North side o' Dublin, went to a school called Mount Temple Comprehensive. That's where we met. When we were leaving this new student came in. He was a boy completely paralyzed, nothing moving. He was born ... w/o oxygen, but he had something in his eyes, this light in his eyes. So his mother believed in him, that he was awake, that he was conscious... So she used to read to him ... teach him. Then when he was 13 years old, they discovered this little drug which allowed him to move his neck one inch ... and with that he was able to type with this little thing they attached to his head. Turns out, he'd been writing stuff in his head for years, this poetry, beautiful poetry - put out this book called "Dam-Burst of Dreams" ... his first poem was called "I Learned To Bow" where he thanked God for the gift of science and medicine. Of course, science, medicine & God are all the same thing. They should always be the same thing. His name is Christopher Nolan, this is called "Miracle Drug..."

This is exactly why I was on a roll in Monday's blog about Mrs. Schiavo. Just because a person can't talk or eat or move doesn't mean their mind isn't brilliant. If the meaning of life, the reason we were created, was to bring glory to God (and I believe whole-heartedly that that is our purpose) then Christopher Nolan is just one of millions of examples of how we are all capable of living lives with meaning.

You can purchase Christpher Nolan's books online. Currently, Amazon has 6 used copies of Dam-Burst of Dreams (starting at $21.99).

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