Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pray For Terri Schiavo

If you think I'm in a rut here posting several things about Terri Schiavo, let me explain. The only thing that stands between Terri Schiavo and her life is a feeding tube. I was born in 1972 - the year that abortion was legalized. After I was born the doctors and nurses were horrified. The nurses even refused to take baby pictures of me. The doctor's brilliant solution to my parent's "problem" was to offer to pull my feeding tube out. They said I'd be dead in a week or so.

I must go down a rabbit trail here and point out a glaring hypocrisy. I work for a pastor. After the tsunami hit, he got several letters from people all wanting him to defend how a "good" God could let "innocent babies die." It was interesting to me that the stumbling block behind every letter was the death of babies.

So, it causes me to wonder why it's culturally acceptable for a doctor to allow a baby in its care to slowly die a gruelingly painful death by starvation for no reason other than, "ick, she's ugly" while at the same time, an omniscient God, who for soveriegn purposes takes the life of a child, gets put on trial.

All this to say, pray for Terri and her parents -- they are up against some very heartless, illogical opposition.

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Blogger Tim said...

You're not in a rut. Terri needs all the help she can get... thanks.

4:40 PM  

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