Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Christopher Nolan

Here is some more info about Christopher Nolan (see previous post).

Here's a great article:

Here are a couple things that particularily inspired me:
  • It left his brain damaged, meaning he was unable to talk, walk or use his hands - but his intellect was unharmed.
  • Mr Nolan is able to write only with the aid of a word-processing computer and what has been described as a 'unicorn stick', strapped to his forehead. His mother, Bernadette, has to hold his head while he is writing.
  • Mr Nolan's first book of poetry won the Spastics Literary Prize.
  • He gave half the profits to a trust for the handicapped.
  • Since his Whitbread success, Christopher Nolan has written a novel, The Banyan Tree, published in 1999.
  • The book took him 12 years - and half a million strokes with his unicorn stick - to write.
I am overwhelmed by the grace of God - of which Christopher's mother is a beautiful portrait of. Can you imagine teaching a child to read and write for thirteen years without any confirmation that he is grasping or retaining any of it? And to then spend the next twelve years patiently holding your son's head still while he laboriously types half a million strokes with a sytlus strapped to his forehead? Now that is love.

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