Monday, November 17, 2008

A Poem

This is a poem written by a friend of mine. She is 16 and has CP.

What It’s Like to be a person with a disability
(For those of you who aren’t)
It’s like fitting into the cracks of the wall
But not fitting in with the people
It’s being stared at
Because you don’t talk the same
Or dress the same
Or walk the same
It’s like walking through the halls
Eating lunch alone in the hall
Because you cant find
One of your close friends to eat with
It’s being picked last for a sport
Because they know you can’t hit the ball
It’s like going to years of therapy
Just to learn how to walk right
It’s like having braces on your feet
That doesn’t go with your cute outfit
It’s like having a small group of friends
Who are there for you no matter what
It’s like being a teenager in high school
It’s like deserving the same respect
As anyone else
I’m different
becauseI have a disability
But I’m still
A human being


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