Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Blog & Possible Podcast

Hi. I'd like to introduce all of you to my new blog: I plan to continue maintaining the About Face blog as well as each blog has its own unique audience.

The Save the Date blog is for girls between the ages of 12 and 16. I originally was going to focus just on an audience made up of girls with disabilities, but after much thought and prayer realized that the struggles that girls with disabilities face, while a bit more complex, at the core are very much the same issues all girls face.

The mission of Save the Date is to encourage girls to set aside dating until they have firmly rooted their self-confidence and identity in who they are in Christ. The pursuit of who we are in Christ is the first tier of the pursuit of holiness. Relationships, namely the pursuit of who we, together with another person, are in Christ, is the second tier in the pursuit of holiness. Much of what we see in today's culture is the result of girls jumping to tier two before tier one has been addressed.

Save the Date will have some very special guest bloggers, a possible accompanying podcast, as well as a variety of surveys, poetry, a bulletin board, a mailbag, bios, and much more!


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