Thursday, May 29, 2008

Woman in Iron Lung for Almost 60 Years Dies

I saw the most incredible story on the news last night about a woman in Tennessee who was diagnosed with Polio at three years of age. She spent her entire life (from three years old until 61) in an iron lung. She died recently due to a power outage at her home, caused by a tree that fell down on a power line.

To read more about her amazing life, go to:

Or do a Google search for "Dianne Odell."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was given the link to the journal entries that your mom worte. I was so blessed to read those.
My youngest daughter was born summer of '07 with a large tumor in her mouth/jaw area, and I could relate to a lot of what your mom wrote.
If you want to check out my daughter's blog, she has a care page site at her site is KarinaFaithGeaschel
She also has her story in the Ladies Home Journal Dec. 2008, on page 74.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

-Christie Geaschel

7:15 PM  

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