Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Disability Ministry Education

Two programs have come to my attention. If anyone knows of others, please drop a comment and let me know about them, I would be interested in knowing if there are more programs like this.

Reformed Theological Seminary

Disability Ministry Certificate
Available via correspondence through RTS Virtual Campus

Click here for information specific to the certificate.
There is also a "Disabilities and the Church" PDF file (the link is located on the same page as the link posted above along with the information specific to the certificate).

RTS also has seminaries located in Atlanta, GA; Boca Raton, FL; Charlotte, NC; Jackson, MS; Orlando, FL; and Washington D.C.

Click here for Admissions information.

Program blurb and Course Requirements:
here is an immediate and significant need for evangelism, edification and leadership training for those who have significant physical, mental, and sensory disabilities. People with such weakness are an indispensable part of the church. The Certificate for Disability Ministry is an instructional program for effective practical ministry with a thoroughly biblical theological foundation.

Systematic Theology IDr. Douglas Kelly3
Pauline EpistlesDr. Knox Chamblin4
Pastoral and Social EthicsDr. Harold O. J. Brown3
Disabilities and the ChurchDr. Andrew Peterson2
History of MissionsSamuel H. Larsen3


Johnson Bible College

Disability Ministry (undergraduate Minor). Click here for details.
Click here to view the PDF file of the 2004-2006 Course Catalog.
Page 58 & 59 of the catalog outline the Disability Ministry courses.
Click here for Admissions information.

I have been given information that the Disability Ministry courses will be available via correspondence course format in January 2006. You will want to contact an admissions advisor for more information.

Course Blurb:

Do you enjoy helping those with special needs? If working with the mentally and physically handicapped is a gift of yours, then we encourage you to check out our Disability Ministry Program.

Our Disability Ministry program is designed to help you better understand the needs of the disabled and develop skills which will help to incorporate them into the life of the church. You will also learn the "ins" and "outs" of the services provided to those with disabilities by federal, state, and local agencies.

Along with a specialty in disability ministry, you will receive a bachelor's degree in Bible.

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