Monday, December 05, 2005

Plastic Surgery Nightmares

I saw a lengthy documentary on television yesterday. It was entitled, “THS Investigates: Plastic Surgery Nightmares.” The show was quick to point out that statistically, most of the nine millions cosmetic operations performed in the United States each year are successful, but that those that are not can usually be avoided.

The conclusion of the program listed several considerations one should evaluate before picking a plastic surgeon and going through with plastic surgery.

  1. Research. Many “botched jobs” are due to the impatience of the patient who did not do enough (or any) preliminary research before selecting a surgeon. Once a physician has been selected, locate them on your state’s State Medical Board website and check out their credentials.
  2. Awareness. Note that physicians who are licensed are licensed in the general field of surgery. A doctor who is licensed does not mean he is necessary specifically licensed to do cosmetic surgery. This means, any licensed physician in your state is legally permitted to practice procedures for which he has no experience or training (should (s)he wish). They can self-designate their areas of expertise and practice any procedure that they choose. Licensing alone should not be reason enough to trust your selected physician.
  3. Board Certification. Again, check the fine print. A surgeon can be legitimately “Board Certified” but not be specifically board certified in cosmetic or plastic surgery. There is a big difference between a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Know the difference before you select your surgeon.
  4. Hospital Privileges. If your procedure is going to be done in a physician’s office as opposed to a hospital you will want to verify why. Many times, surgeons who are not board certified in plastic surgery are disallowed from performing surgery in hospitals.
  5. Know the Risks. Most surgeries have risks, so carefully think through your motives and the risks and side effects before signing on the dotted line. Don’t make the decision to have irreversible surgery if you are going through an unusually rough or emotional time in your life or as a reactionary step after being criticized. Understand that plastic surgery is many times irreversible.
  6. Patience. Don’t rush into the decision. If a physician says you have to wait three weeks before having a procedure done – wait the three weeks. If a physician tells you to wait a year between surgeries – wait the year! Oftentimes, the plastic surgery nightmares are the result of patients directly opposing physician instructions or physicians doing a second procedure before the patient has had enough time to heal from the first one.
  7. Use Common Sense. Don't pick a surgeon because he has fancy ads on TV or drives an expensive car. Don't pick the cheapest deal -- you get what you pay for! Also, don't go home with a total stranger who claims they have credentials and have a procedure done on their unsterilized living room couch. I know this sounds crazy - but I am alarmed how many women have done things like this.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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