Monday, October 24, 2005

Beauty in the Beast

Beauty in the Beast is a book written by Sally Klein O'Connor. The subtitle of the book is, Breaking the Spell of the Mirror and her tagline is, "For those who look into mirrors and see only what they are not."

You can read the first chapter of the book on her website. Sally also has a music ministry and her website includes concert information, songs, photos, as well as a place to sign up for her newsletter.

Here is the write up about the book:
When she was eight years old, Sally was bitten by a dog on her face. It was not the mark that caused the most damage, but the cruelty of her peers calling her "Scarface." The name nurtured the teeth and claws of the beast in Sally's soul. As she grew up, she bought into the lies that she could never be really accepted by those around her -- and especially by herself.

But the One who made her in His image began to speak the truth into her heart. As God continues to restore her, Sally is learning to see the beauty of the One who calls her His own and that His beauty lives inside her.

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