Monday, October 10, 2005

Tim Challies' Blog

Tim Challies was at the Desiring God conference this weekend live blogging the sessions. Here is a link to his session on Joni's message.

Here is an excerpt:

It is little wonder that Joni has served to inspire so many. She is filled with joy despite, and perhaps even because of, her affliction. She sees her disability not as a hindrance but as an opportunity to minister and to bring glory to the one who ordained it from before time. And she looks forward, with great anticipation, to the day that suffering will be no more, and she will spring from that chair.

He also included his two favorite quotes from Joni's message:

I did not want to let go of the strange and sick comfort of my own misery.

When we finally are able to stop laughing and crying, God will wipe away our tears. And it is ironic that when I finally will be able to use my hands to wipe my tears, I won't have to.

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To read Doug McHone's live blog of the conference, click here.

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