Monday, July 25, 2005

Senate Bill Euthenized

The Joni and Friends website is reporting the termination of Senate Bill AB 654 and AB 651 - two attempts to help legalize Physician Assisted Suicide.

Sacramento - Physician assisted suicide bill AB 651 has died in the state Senate and will not be further pursued this year by its authors, Assembly Members Patty Berg and Lloyd Levine.

An article appearing in the Los Angeles Times today (7/12/05) stated that bill proponents were "still struggling against steady religious and cultural currents." This refers to those of you who responded to action alerts, got petitions signed, met with legislators and staffers in district offices, wrote letters to the news media, picketed, made calls, and in many other ways made it clear that most Californians do not want physician assisted suicide.

In the LA Times article, Berg and Levine state they will revive the issue in January. Ms. Berg continues to rely on a Field poll which earlier this year showed 70% support for physician assisted suicide.

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Anonymous Lindsay said...

Hey there!

I just ran all over your site here. I loved your snowflake entry and your mom's stories and the answer to question about pity. Praise God for train whistles!

It was great to hear about the busy and exciting fall ahead of you. As you talked about the potential stress of all that there is to do, I remembered Travis's words about how they were pushed to their limits in Cameroon but that it was so wonderful to be SO FULLY USED BY GOD. I loved it! I have decided that this should be my new perspective when God calls us to difficult schedules and daunting tasks. I'm so excited for you to be used so fully this fall for His purposes.

Ring me whenever you want some feedback on your little project. I'm interested to hear what God will say through you.

9:10 PM  
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