Friday, June 17, 2005

Joni and Friends Family Camp

Tomorrow is the big day. I leave bright and early in the morning for Joni camp. Seven of us are driving there, it will be a ten-hour drive. Lord willing, we will arrive at the camp safe and sound sometime Saturday night. Sunday will involve a church service and an intense day of training for the volunteers (which is what I will be doing at the camp). We also find out on Sunday what family we have been assigned to. The remainder of the week consists of spending time with your family and attending and participating in various activities.

I am eagerly anticipating the trip and am looking forward to meeting the family that I have been paired with. I pray that I can be a blessing to them in some small way and that they in turn will also bless me, as I am sure they will!

Please be in prayer for me as I am away - safe travels, health, freedom from stress (worrying about the work I've left behind!), and that the families that are attending this camp will go home feeling refreshed and renewed.

Pray that the volunteers are given grace and compassion and kindness and eyes to see all the glories of Christ that God specifically designed to only be seen through the lives of those who live with disabilities.

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