Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo Autopsy

The results of Terri Schaivo's autopsy will reportedly be released some time today. There are many motivating factors revolving around the results. Terri's husband hopes that the autopsy will prove that Terri was indeed in a Persistent Vegetative State and that she suffered her stroke as the result of an eating disorder. Her parents and siblings hope the findings will prove that Terri was abused by her husband and was not brain dead. With Terri's life taken, this last remaining battle seems a bit superfluous.

Fox News has a story posted regarding the autopsy and will no doubt keep us posted once the official results have been made public. CNN also has a story posted as well as a live feed of the autopsy report being read (however, you must have a subscription to CNN's audio feature in order to listen).



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