Friday, February 18, 2005

Eye of the Beholder

The research I did on the current plastic surgery trend in the U.S. led me to start thinking about similar rituals in other countries -- after all, the painful quest for beauty isn't limmited to the American borders alone.

Here are some examples.

Feet binding comes to mind first. Take a look at the beautiful results:

Neck Stretching


Maoris Moko (face tattoos)

Cosmetic Toe Amputation (going on in the U.S. today)

Lip Stretching


And for the record - the most disgusting, unpublishable photos I found on the entire world wide web while trying to find painful and grotesque cultural beauty rituals were the pictures of American teenagers taken in this decade. So, let us Americans not be too quick to judge or boast of being "civilized."



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