Monday, April 10, 2006

Philip Hayden Foundation

A friend recently brought a website to my attention and I have since been in contact with the organization. It is the Philip Hayden Foundation.

It is a China Orphan Outreach. Here is what their site says about the org's history:

The Philip Hayden Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, established for the purpose of helping China’s orphaned and special needs children. PHF was named after Philip Hayden, an American teacher who went to China in 1991 and began volunteering his spare time and efforts to help China's orphans. Philip Hayden's love for China's orphans had a big impact on his teammates in China, Tim and Pam Baker, who joined him in volunteering in orphanages. The Bakers soon took in their first orphaned baby, Esther, who they later adopted. Phil had a special love for Esther and was Tim’s assistant and partner in reaching out to the people of China.

Phil died unexpectedly at the young age of 28 as a result of a rare heart defect. Phil’s death and the adoption of Esther had a profound impact on the Bakers. They couldn’t help thinking about the orphans who slept to the right and left of Esther. They were still in the orphanage. The Bakers could not adopt them all, but they nonetheless wanted to help them as Phil had. This led them to establish the foundation in his memory in 1995.

The website includes photos and bios for about 50 children who still need sponsors. It looks like many of the children have cleft palates and other medical needs in addition to the daily food and clothing needs. There are also children in the program who are up for adoption.



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