Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Till Starvation Do Us Part

Fox News is now reporting that Terri Schiavo's parents have filed for divorce from Michael Schiavo on Terri's behalf. Even if she dies as the result of one of the eleven motions filed in favor of her death sentence, she could posthumously be granted the divorce.

If this tactic should work, one would assume Michael Schiavo would lose the multi-million dollar inheritance payable upon his wife's death.

Terri's parents are perhaps optimistic that once the money is taken out of the picture, Michael will hand over all rights to Terri's parents and move on with his life. However, I am skeptical. If you succeed in prying a million bucks out of this guy's greedy, white-knuckled grip, you're probably going to have a bloody fight to the death. And in this case, I mean that literally.

All skepticism aside, I hope I'm wrong. If so, I will be more than happy to eat my words.

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