Friday, February 25, 2005

Note to Pope: Steer Clear of Florida!

The Vatican took pains to emphasize the positive: the 84-year-old pope was breathing on his own, showed no signs of pneumonia and ate a breakfast that included coffee with milk, yogurt and 10 small cookies. But other descriptions were impossible to ignore: John Paul fitted with a tube to ease his breathing and following doctors' orders to avoid speaking, at least for several days. Each detail of his condition was shadowed by uncertainty, including how long the tracheotomy device would remain and if the pope would regain full command of his voice. No official health update was expected until Monday.

I wonder how the Florida Supreme Court would rule upon the suggestion that we "do the loving thing" and pull the Pope's breathing tube out? (Though someone should do the loving thing and at least tell him that coffee and ten cookies isn't the most balanced breakfast).

New rule: Celebrities are exempt from Euthanasia, murder, and child molestation charges. All in favor say Aye (yiye yai....)!



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