Friday, January 21, 2005


This is my first post, so have mercy on me. I'm feeling the same inexplicable panic I did twenty years ago when trying to leave a message on an answering machine for the first time. The pressure!

I hope to get together some links and photos and post them by way of an introduction, not only to me, but also to some of the powerful and precious truths that I have come to hold dearly. I suffered for many years, not solely because I have a deformed face, but because of people's inability to explain a Biblical theology regarding it that satisfied my pain and sorrow without compromising the character, kindness, and power of God.

It has been a very long journey, but I have since been introduced to a theology of suffering that healed my wounds, infused me with joy, and have hope for my future - and rather than making God look cruel, ironic, or disinterested, it made him more glorious to me than I ever imagined. I hope to share these various articles, preachers, and testimonies with you in hopes that you too might experience this same radical transformation for yourself!

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